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Welcome to the SalarySearch Website.

This is a one-stop shop for pay and benefits information in the UK, based on reliable pay data collected from employers, checked and published by Croner Reward, one of the industry's most respected names.

SalarySearch provides access to up-to-date and reliable pay data. Using SalarySearch you can find out:

  • The pay for over 600 jobs from Croner Reward's pay database for
    • Any size of organisation
    • Any industry
    • Any region or county in the UK
  • Major towns and cities in the UK
  • Bonus level for each of the jobs
  • Benefits packages for each job level

Croner Reward's pay database has approximately 6000 participating organisations helping us to provide data for 50,000 current salary records covering about 250,000 employees. Our pay database has both breadth, covering every job level from director to shop floor worker; and depth, covering all organisation sizes and nearly every type. We have been undertaking surveys since 1972 and have established an enviable reputation for providing accurate and meaningful pay data in the UK.

All this is available to you for a very modest cost, and provides you with the facts on pay and benefits tailored to your organisation.

How does the site work?

Once you have received your subscription confirmation and you have logged into SalarySearch we need to know about the level of the job that you want to benchmark against the external market, the function or job family and the job title that will best describe the job and its contents, using the jobs available to you as a starting point.

Salary Criteria

This is when you can now select the appropriate criteria for your organisation from the different options listed below. The criteria available to select from are:

  • The size of the organisation (8 bands available)
  • The number of employees in the organisation (7 bands available)
  • The region where the organisation is located (10 UK regions available)
  • The county and town where the organisation is located (68 counties and 78 towns in the UK available)
  • The industry sector of the organisation (34 available)

With this number of options available to choose from, there are approximately 300,000 possible combinations of analysis for each job.

Your results will show the data analysis that you have requested and in the case of SalarySearch plus the analysis for each of your chosen criteria.

Benefits Analysis

Typical benefits packages for the level of job chosen will be provided. Employee benefits differ depending in the level of the job and, for most senior jobs the size of the company. Croner Reward have been researching the benefits packages of all levels of job for over 30 years. All this work is distilled into a series of tables of benefits available to you on this website. These tables are tailored to take into account the variations and influences on the typical reward package.

Below is a list of the benefits information, depending on the level of the job and the size of your organisation that will be provided in your results.

Directors There are nine tables available, dependent on the type of job and size of organisation. The benefits covered are the same in each of the reports, but the content changes for Chairman, Managing Director or Functional Director and for the size of company, based on the following size groups:

Small Turnover/Revenue between £25,000 and £25M
Large Turnover/Revenue between £25M and £200M
Top Turnover/Revenue over £200M

A typical report, without data, is shown below for you to see the type of analysis you will receive.

Management There are twelve tables available covering jobs at Croner Reward ranks 1 to 4 with a split for the size for of the organisation as in the case of directors.

Clerical Staff Benefits packages differ very little between the levels of jobs or organisation size in this group of employees and only one table has been prepared to cover the ranks 5 to 9 for management and clerical jobs.

Operatives (Manual workers) As in the case of clerical staff, benefits tend to be identical for all levels of operative staff and therefore only one table has been created to provide you with the information you need on the benefits for shop floor jobs.

Obtaining your report

Once you are happy with the job title you have selected and the criteria you have chosen that are relevant to your organisation please click calculate, your report will then be produced automatically.

You can use the "save as" option at the top of your screen to print your results, email it to yourself or a colleague or download the results in excel or as a pdf. Alternatively, you can click to start a new search, change criteria or change job title which will enable you to receive more results based on the relevant information you have put into the system.

All job roles that have been benchmarked will stay in your active jobs for up to one week.

If you would like assistance with any aspect of the use of SalarySearch please contact the team on 0844 728 0103 or email

For further information about Croner Reward, please click on the about Croner Reward option at the top of the website page.