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SalarySearch - Access to Directors, Management, Clerical and Operative level roles. Decile pay range calculations provided and benefits data by job rank. We also provide a breakdown of salary results by the criteria you have selected (for example company turnover, number of employees and location).

Subscriptions are available for 1, 3 and 5 years and start from as little as £149 per month. If you would like to subscribe to one of our SalarySearch packages, please call 0844 728 0103 or e-mail

Online Job Evaluation Tool - A powerful, analytical, factor-based scheme which gives a tried and tested job sizing methodology and is an essential discipline for maintaining equilibrium between staff in different roles. Furthermore, resultant job ranks link directly to SalarySearch.

Market Rate Reports - These one off pay benchmark reports are perfect for benchmarking salaries for new recruits or existing staff. Ideal for one off directors jobs or any job not featured on SalarySearch.

Survey Participation - We are always interested in attracting survey participants to continue to maintain and build the integrity of our database. The questionnaire is simple to complete and participants have access to a range of exclusive benefits including discounts on your SalarySearch subscription.

Directors’ Remuneration - With Directors’ pay and reward packages so often the subject of media attention and scrutiny, the need for independent advice and a framework that supports organisational policies and principles has never been so important. Croner Reward’s Consultants offer extensive experience in advising Chief Executives and Remuneration Committees on packages appropriate to their top people. For further information contact us on 0844 728 0103.